Community Transport

If you are not able to drive yourself, if public transport is difficult for you to use, or not available, please use your Community Transport Service.

We can take you anywhere you want to go: to see family and friends, to the hairdresser, the shops, the doctor, the dentist and the hospital - even to your local social club.

You will pay your driver 50p per mile and when you book your journey you will be told how much it will cost. 2 hours of waiting time is included in the cost of your booking. If you need more time, let us know when you book and we will arrange that for you - an extra charge will apply.

You can make a booking by phoning 01608 651115 Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 3.30pm or by calling in to the Cotswold Friends Community Transport booking office at the Moreton Area Centre, High Street, Moreton.

Over 900 local residents used this service last year, many of them using the service several times. Here are just a few examples of how the Community Transport Service is used:

“I go to my knitting club every week. The Community Transport Service is much more affordable than a taxi and I just can’t manage the bus anymore.”

“I have needed to visit the hospital a few times this year. My driver is wonderful, helps me into the car and brings my walking frame. Takes me to the right hospital waiting room and waits with me. Even gets me a cup of tea when we get home. A really wonderful community service.”

“I didn’t realise I could use the Community Transport Service for shopping, I really look forward to my weekly trip to the supermarket.”

So there is no reason to miss out, call us today and book your next outing, we look forward to hearing from you.