"Remember, Remember" our Theatre Event at Moreton Fire College

by Sue Thomas

“Remember, Remember” at Moreton Fire College

The lights dimmed, the stage was set and along came poor hapless Guy!

“In the back room of a London pub, an unlikely group of men plot to overthrow King James I. We all remember, remember one of them; Guy Fawkes, the man with the big hat, dodgy moustache and explosive personality, but is he really the one whose effigy should be burnt every November 5th? Caught in the act, was he the real revolutionary, or the ringleader’s puppet?

Fast forward 400 years and Jenny Wren Productions investigate what it means to be the “Guy” everyone remember, remembers. This new play from the company behind The Hound of the Baskervilles and Burke and Hare is guaranteed to go off with a bang!”

It was an excellent portrayal of Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot with some hilarious twists.

We have had some lovely feedback from our clients and volunteers who all wish to express their appreciation for the lovely performance.

Thank you to all our guest who attended we hope you enjoyed the evening, look out for more exciting events to come.

Many thanks to the Fire Service College for the use of their theatre and to the wonderful Jenny Wren Productions for putting on such an entertaining show.

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