Charity bags fundraising success!

by Joanna Hammond

Charity bags fundraising success!

A huge thank you to everyone who filled a charity bag and helped us raise funds recently!

By donating your clean clothes, paired shoes, belts, handbags, jewellery and accessories, the Rags2Riches company were able to give Cotswold Friends funds of £134.68!

We collected 64 charity bags in total, weighing 337 kilos!

We collected the charity bag donations with Rags2Riches to help raise funds to deliver our various community services for older and vulnerable people.

Rags2Riches organise charity bag collections for schools, clubs and charities and pay by the kilo for any items.

Cotswold Friends runs several services in the North Cotswolds, including community transport, activities and day clubs, independence and carer support, befriending, and hospital support.

Our aim is to combat loneliness and isolation through its voluntary services, to improve health and wellbeing, and support independent living.

For more information, contact Louise Lapworth, Marketing Manager, email [email protected].

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