Community Transport in the Cotswolds - A Lifeline

by Cotswold Friends

Community Transport in the Cotswolds - A Lifeline

Today I want to share with you my personal experience with community transport and how it affected my late nan’s life. As her Alzheimer’s progressed, it became difficult for her to use public transport and unsafe for her to travel alone. That’s when we discovered community transport.

This service is invaluable, and I want others to know about it.

Cotswold Friends Community Transport

Cotswold Friends is a group that aids older people and those with disabilities. From medical appointments to social engagements, they help people get about. This is a necessity as members are unable to otherwise.

In fact, there are over a million people in England who are 65 or older and find it hard just visiting a nearby hospital. Cotswold Friends understands this.

Their services helped 1000 members with over 13,000 journeys last year. Thanks to the Weston Anniversary Fund, they can aid more people with wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

More Than the Journey

It’s more than just travelling though. Passengers can meet people and have a chat with them on the journey.

I’ll always remember how my grandmother loved to talk to anyone who would listen. She’d sit in her wheelchair smiling at everyone who caught her eye. Despite her memory, she came alive when socialising and it made her so happy.

Keeping Costs Down

The service isn’t just handy, but it’s also cheap. The cost was a huge weight off our shoulders. Looking after someone with Alzheimer’s can be costly. So, it really helped us out and let us pay for other things for her, like a foot specialist.

The Human Touch

People who have difficulty moving around might not be able to use public transport. But community transport has made it possible for them to regain some independence.

What’s more, the drivers are really kind and understanding. Even when my nan got confused, they didn’t lose their patience with her. It’s heartwarming.

A Weight Off

The hairdresser, the shops, the doctor, or the hospital. They’re important in different ways, and not being able to get to them has an impact. That’s where community transport comes in.

It’s not just good for the individual though. Families benefit too. When my nan was in need, it was a weight off to know that they were there to help. No more stress trying to figure out how to get her on and off public transport!

With 90 volunteer drivers, Cotswold Friends can take you anywhere you need. Call 01608 651115 or email [email protected] to book your next outing in the North Cotswolds.

Written by one of our Fantastic Volunteers - Millie Fuller

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