Walking Football

by Cathy Russell

Walking Football

Walking football is a rapidly growing sport that is capturing the hearts and minds of older adults around the world. Designed for those who still have a passion for football but may not be able to play the traditional high-intensity version, walking football offers a slower-paced, low-impact alternative. This sport not only rekindles a love for the game but also brings a myriad of physical, mental, and social benefits to elderly participants.

Walking football is essentially a modified version of traditional football. The key difference is that players must walk instead of run. This rule reduces the risk of injury and makes the game accessible to older adults and those with mobility issues. The game is usually played on smaller pitches and can be adapted to both indoor and outdoor settings. Despite the slower pace, the competitive spirit and enjoyment of the game remain intact.

There are physical benefits such as cardiovascular exercise, mobility and balance plus the mental health benefits of stress relief and social interaction.

Whether you’re an old football enthusiast or new to the game, walking football provides a wonderful opportunity to embrace an active lifestyle while enjoying the camaraderie and joy that comes with playing this beautiful game. So, lace up your trainers, grab a ball, and take those steps towards a healthier, happier life with walking football.

Our sessions are held every Friday at Blockley Sports Field from 9:30 - 11:00

Contact our team before attending at [email protected] or 01608 692811 as our sessions get very full, we recommend booking ahead and wearing suitable footwear (Trainers)

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