Service Update: Volunteers are now Telephone Befriending the people they support, in place of their usual face to face visits. This will ensure clients have continued contact with their volunteers, helping to reduce loneliness and isolation and allowing support needs to be monitored and reviewed. Any shopping needs or medication deliveries are being arranged.

Are you stuck at home alone more than you would like to be? Would you like a weekly visitor? Someone to call in and enjoy a chat and a cup of tea with you.

Family and friends aren’t always available so let us arrange a regular visitor to brighten your week.

As we get older, or struggle to get out and about, we can feel a bit isolated or lonely. Having a weekly visitor can be really comforting. Someone to chat to and share memories with, someone to share a joke and a laugh with and to help with that tricky jigsaw!

We have over 140 checked and trained befriending volunteers who visit over 140 Cotswold residents. Some of these visits are arranged by family, friends and neighbours. Sometimes doctors or other health professionals ask us to visit. Often people just phone and ask us to arrange a regular befriending visitor because they would enjoy a little bit of extra company.

Some people want to go out for a drive with their visitor to enjoy the countryside, to visit a garden centre or a café. Others want to stay at home and chat about old times or current affairs or what is happening in the local community.

Some people miss their pet, and request our Four-Legged Friend Service. We have volunteers who are happy to bring along their befriending dog for a visit.

Our Befriending Services Manager will first visit a new client in their own home to fully understand their circumstances and the type of volunteer they need. We match clients with volunteers, taking into account where people live and what their interests and experiences are. We will continue to monitor and support the befriending visits, making sure that they work well. There is no charge for this service.

We also invite everyone who receives the Befriending service to our quarterly Community Events, where you can meet other local people who are part of the Cotswold Friends network. (Transport and escorts can be provided).

Intergenerational Service Cotswold Friends’ Intergenerational Service works to bring older and younger generations together. Young volunteers aged 16 to 18 visit older people living in Care Homes, who cannot easily get out and about. Friends and family may not be able to visit regularly, or there may be no family at all. In these circumstances residents can become lonely and isolated which can impact on health and wellbeing.

Visits from young people in Care Homes are not common and over time, a generation gap can develop.  The Young Befrienders Project helps to build trust and develop understanding between the generations. Intergenerational befriending is beneficial to both older and younger people.  Young Befrienders will benefit from a wealth of life experience and knowledge, as well as an understanding of contemporary history.

There is no reason to feel lonely or isolated. Call us on 01608 652019 to find out how we can help.

Our Carer Respite service is accredited to the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation. For further information please click here.

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